About our Pack

Meet Deuce & Sutton


Sutton Zidane is a 4.5 year old (June 9,2013) Hungarian Vizsla, and he’s the absolute LOVE of my life, and my heart dog. He’s the first one at the door when I get home, and is always eagerly waiting in the car, whether its to go to a store, or on an adventure. He’s the snobbiest, sweetest, & most loyal dog. He is ALWAYS full of energy, and can run longer and farther than any dog I’ve ever met (fun fact, Vizsla’s are the 2nd fastest breed in the world!), but has a great “off” button and can be the most relaxed guy you know. He loves his dad, birds & hunting, running/hiking off leash, trail riding with the horses, new places, and sleeping under all the covers. He hates dog parks, peanut butter, & medicine. He’s had more stitches than I can count (I stopped at over 100), and is always in it to win it (he thinks winning it, means a trip into the clinic to see dad). Most of all he loves hiking with his people, and his furry friends!



Deuce is a 3 year old Border Collie/Australian Cattle Dog mix. He was a puppy when Sutton and I came into his life. He’s extremely affectionate, sweet, gentle, and as our friends LifewithMutt’s say, “he’s a sensitive soul.” He’s not the most confident dog, but he does love his friends, “his people,” and running/hiking off leash, swimming, & working cows. He doesn’t like strangers, new or busy places. He’s known to go on “adventures,” alone, but he always shows up happy as a clam!




Meet the Humans


Brenton & I (Lauren), are a young, thrill seeking, adventurous couple. We were married on a hike in our favorite part of the country. We call upstate South Carolina our home, where we live on a horse farm. You’ll never find us indoors, dressed up, or without our dogs. We both have a deep love for animals, especially dogs & horses. Brenton is a mixed animal veterinarian, and I am a Speech Language Pathologist, and we’re both full time dog parents! I have a deep love for photography, writing, hiking, and horses, that has stayed with me since my childhood. Brenton loves hunting, hiking, horses, & the outdoors.