Spread Love: EarthRated’s Shelter Snuggles


If you’re anything like me, the tears start streaming every time I see one of those shelter dog commercials on TV. Those big sad eyes can tell some pretty horrifying stories, and really pull at the heartstrings. But for most people, those photos are where the emotion begins, and ends. Out of sight, out of mind, right?

Despite her sad past, Miracle has learned to trust again!

EarthRated has launched a campaign called Spread Love, to change that mindset, and bring awareness to the need of over 3 million dogs a year entering shelters in the US alone! The campaign is geared to help share snuggles to needy shelter dogs all over the country (Canada too!), by delivering soft, cuddly blankets! With so many needy dogs waiting for their forever homes, these blankets mimic the comfort of a snuggle and make dogs feel calmer and cozier, and more confident!



Sutton with his very important delivery!

We were given the chance to team up with EarthRated, and blanket love to our local shelter, The Human Society of York County in Fort Mill, South Carolina. Sutton & I delivered a huge box of cozy blankets, and a TON of snuggles & love to a few of their current resident fur babies!


This is Miracle, she is  about a year old terrier mix, and she has quite the story to tell! She was our favorite shelter friend, with her absolute LOVE for her new cozy blanket and expressive personality. She was found on the side of the road, obviously just having puppies, with severe mastitis and a heart worm infestation (she has been since treated and is heart worm negative!) She is going to make a wonderful best friend! More info about her can be found here!


We as dog lovers, can come together and make a positive difference in our local communities by donating to our local shelters. Whether it’s an hour a week/month/year of your time helping inside the shelters, walking dogs, cuddling, training, or making a donation, your effort can change the lives & outcomes of so many needy pups!


Sutton stole some snuggles of his own from one of the volunteers at HSYC!


Sound like something you want to be part of?YOU too, can be a part of this campaign, and make a difference in some local shelter dogs lives by nominating them to receive a big box of blankets from EarthRated! Click the link below, fill out the quick and easy form with your local shelters info, and you’re also entered to win an awesome Earth Rated prize by sharing a photo of your dog at their snuggliest! Thank you EarthRated for raising awareness and spreading all the love!

Click here to Nominate!



Sutton much approved of the cozy blankets!


3 thoughts on “Spread Love: EarthRated’s Shelter Snuggles

  1. Nice write up, and that is amazing you were able to work with this organization and support such a wonderful cause. I’m sure the dogs all appreciate having some daily comfort during the day, and hopefully they will all soon find a forever home!

    Keep up the great work!

    1. Thanks so much Chris! It was really rewarding to see how much the dogs loved the attention!

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