Keepin’ it Clean with Kurgo!

Lets face it, if you’re adventuring with your pups, there is going to be some sort of dirty mess involved. And if you’re anything like us, and are constantly in the car with your pups traveling to cool new spots, it’s pretty safe to say that you’re constantly battling keeping your car clean. I’ve always been a bit of a neat freak, so the constant whirlwind of dirt, mud, and hair, sticking to everything was very hard to get used to! Luckily, I found the key to my sanity that doesn’t involve vacuuming & washing everyday- Kurgo’s car protection products! We use and prefer Kurgo’s products for many, many reasons, but above all, we LOVE their customer service & LIFETIME WARRANTY (yes, you read that right!)


My backseat has the most in and out traffic, so making sure I protect my leather seats is a must. I use and love the Kurgo Loft Hammock. It protects my seats, and whatever I pack on the floors in the backseat. It gives the boys a little more room to spread out on the seat, and cradles them to ensure a sleepy car ride! It’s waterproof, sturdy, easy to clean, washable, and comes in our favorite colors!

Sutton on the Loft Hammock


When traveling with hiking buddies, the backseat alone isn’t big enough for everyone! Our cargo space is always being used, whether it’s puppies or gear! The Cargo Cape is not only perfect for dogs, but it’s also great for everyday! I throw my muddy boots, horse tack, wet towels, groceries, & is perfect when we have extra pups! It is easy to clean, and has a grippy material so things don’t slide around while in your cargo space. My favorite part of the Cargo Cape is it’s two velcro pockets, and bumper jump zone guard to protect your car from your dogs nails while jumping into the car- which when you have 5- is otherwise bound to happen!

Comfort is key, and the Loft Bed is our staple. Not only do I take them in the car, but they’re an everyday bed in our home & they travel everywhere with us, including camping! They have a waterproof bottom, so I can throw it down anywhere and not worry about it soaking through onto my pups! The soft top is water resistant and is easily spot cleaned and machine washed! It folds and rolls up into an easy to carry bed to take anywhere & everywhere! They’re an amazing topper to the elevated beds we have in our house & outside as well!


Sutton and Deuce can always be found on one of our multiple Loft Beds!

Safety is most important to me when it comes to Sutton & Deuce. While traveling, both Sutton & Deuce are buckled in to the backseat with their Enhanced Tru Fit Harness’ & secured with the Backseat Barrier. This harness system has been crash tested, and it gives me peace of mind while traveling with my precious cargo.


The Backseat Barrier

Sutton buckled in using the Enhanced Tru Fit Harness


What are your travel essentials? Would you consider buying Kurgo car protection? We would love to hear from you!

16 thoughts on “Keepin’ it Clean with Kurgo!

  1. We love Kurgo! We just won from Sutton (life.with.a.ridge). I can’t tell enough people about how great the backseat barrier is and now it’s perfect for Major, so he can’t try & get to the front seat while I’m driving my Wrangler. The first aid kit is right in my front seat too! You represent Kurgo well!

    1. I had to re-read your article again to make sure I was writing down all the products! As the owner of a Weimaraner, my number #1 priority is dog safety while travelling and adventuring about! Word of mouth goes a long way when trying to find the right products to make outdoor/travel life easier and safer!

      1. So glad you appreciated it! Feel free to message me if you decide you need something! We love everything Kurgo & the quality speaks for itself! I’ve been so happy with all of their stuff!

  2. I love that bright green hammock! We got the same cover but not the hammock version and it seriously has been amazing! Might need to upgrade to that bright green one since someone likes to sneak up in the front seat.

    1. I feel like the hammock makes more room for the two of them more so than the bench cover! I bet your two would feel the same!!! ❤

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