The Dirt on the Dexas Mudbuster: Gear Review


If there’s one thing we don’t have a shortage of here in the south, its mud, and LOTS of it. While mud has its place (4wheeler mud runs are our FAVORITE!), it’s place is not on my clean white carpet & sleek hardwoods! Living on a farm, it’s not very easy to keep my floors clean. Between my veterinarian husband with his who-even-knows-what’s-on-his-boots that he can never seem to remember to take off at the door, and two (soon to be three!) rambunctious adventure pups, trekking through creeks, ponds, mud, sand & horse/cow poop all day, I’d say I have a full time job wiping up after everyone!

Our friends at Dexas sent us over their large Mudbuster to see if it could withstand the test of the Gwinn household, and being a fan of all things Dexas, we decided to give it a try!


The Mudbuster comes in three sizes.

According to Dexas, the Mudbuster “provides quick cleaning of a dog’s dirty or muddy paws, before they track it all over the house” with “an array of soft, gentle, thick silicone bristles inside an easy-to-grip tumbler.”- boy we could use that!

We unboxed the Mudbuster after a muddy hike (at least the red mud blends in with Sutton’s hair? Too bad it doesn’t do the same on the white carpet!) At first impression, it’s quick, efficient, portable, and leaves no mess behind. All it took was a little water, Sutton’s muddy paw, a dip, twist & voila! His paws were squeaky clean with no scrubbing involved! It was a lot more efficient than the hose or a bucket because it did all the scrubbing on its own, and it allowed me to clean his paws on the porch as opposed to the yard or driveway, which involved getting dirty again before he made it inside.


The cleanup is unbeatable! Most days I can simply pour out the water, but on heavy mud days, the soft silicone bristles slide out and lay flat for an easy spray down and dry! It’s perfect for the car, camping, and vacations, and is a trunk kit staple for us! I don’t go on adventures or trips without it!

The Mudbuster drying out!

As a veterinarian Brenton recommends the Mudbuster for dogs with environmental contact allergies. Rinsing their feet before they come inside helps to remove the irritants from their feet and reduces the amount of allergens that make it into your home!





Would we recommend this to a friend?



We already have! We absolutely love the Mudbuster & recommend it to everyone with a pup, both for the home, and the car! I just wish they’d make one big enough to clean my husband!!!



Doing what they do best- get dirty!




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  1. A dirty dog means there was a great adventure!! Simple solutions to a clean pup are always the best! Thanks for the recommendation

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