Waterfall 100 Challenge: Moonshine & Confusion Falls



Brenton & Sutton enjoying Confusion Falls

If you have been keeping up with our Instagram, you know that we’ve been chasing a LOT of waterfalls the last few months. We started out last fall beginning the SB6K Challenge with our best friends @LifewithMutts, but unfortunately the Blue Ridge Parkway is mostly closed during the winter, which makes the peak challenge nearly impossible. So, instead of Netflix & Chill all winter, we decided, what’s better than Waterfalls?

As of February 3, 2018, Sutton, Deuce & I have hiked 31/100 Waterfall 100 (not all of the waterfall’s we’ve gone to have been part of the challenge!). We already have quite a few favorites, so we decided we would share a little more information about each of these & periodically update as we make our way to 100!


Moonshine & Confusion Falls 

Moonshine Falls from below


I think what I love most about both of these falls are that they’re SO lightly trafficked, but some of the most gorgeous waterfalls in the Carolinas. Both of these falls are accessible from the Asbury Camp in Greenville Co, South Carolina. You MUST call ahead to the camp, ask permission, and be granted a gate code to hike to these falls. There are also two other ways to access these falls via the Mountain Bridge Wilderness Trails, but they all meet at the same intersection of the Naturaland Trust Trail. The hike to Moonshine Falls from Asbury Camp is 3 miles (6 miles roundtrip), and beautiful! Once you get into the gate from Asbury Camp, continue to the trailhead, about 0.6 miles to Lake rd. Park, and start your hike up hill via the Asbury Trail. Continue on the Asbury Trail (red blazes), until you cross Matthews Creek via the Cable. Once across, continue on the trail to the wooden post where the trail splits, from here, take the Naturaland Trust trail right. Follow the pink blazes for 0.5 miles, you’ll see an obvious stack of rocks, turn right here and continue past the “Hot Spot” kiosk. About 0.5 miles you’ll see a small spur to your left & hear Moonshine falls.  Once you get to Moonshine falls, you come up to it from underneath the falls. It is a huge cave full of 55 gallon Moonshine drums left over from the Moonshining days! There are also a lot of really cool mosses and plants growing on the underside of the cave- even in the winter!


Sutton doing a little jig in the Moonshining Cave



Moonshine Falls from Underneath

Once you’ve finished seeing Moonshine Falls from above, and taken the trail down to below, save your lunch and pack down to Confusion Falls. Take the Moonshine Falls spur back to the main trail and head south down passed a camp (about 0.1 miles) This is extremely steep & unmarked. I’ll admit, the first time I hiked to Moonshine Falls, we gave up on finding Confusion Falls.  The second time, it took about 40 minutes, and a lot of bushwhacking to find it (but boy was it worth it!) As of 12/17 there were small pink flags (you’ll miss them if you don’t pay attention) guiding the way. The key is to look for a spur to your left, and go straight down (again, it’s VERY steep). Confusion Falls is unique in that the falls are created by two different creeks that come together. This is the perfect place to hang a hammock and relax!

Confusion Falls


Sutton enjoying the rainbow in front of Moonshine Falls


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