Ever since I can remember, birddogs have been the center of my world. I spent my entire childhood with an English Springer Spaniel invisibly tethered to my hip. Our days were spent exploring every inch of walkable distances of our Texas, Nebraska & Pennsylvania homes. Our summers, spent participating in diving & jumping contests off of our dock into the water that we both love so dearly. Taking turns treading water and climbing up the ladder with a dog, was just not an experience every child gets to have, but I soaked in every moment of it. But she led, so I followed.  I followed her until the day she left too soon. And from that day, I knew I couldn’t ever spend my life without another dog.

Fast forward to Graduate school graduation, when the freedom from so many years of too little free time came, I knew it was finally right and after 7 days of living in Charlotte, Sutton Zidane arrived (August 2013).

So why a Vizsla? I so often get asked this, and I could give you a reason a day, for the rest of my life, and still not run out. However, Vizsla’s are one of those breeds that are just NOT for everyone. They’re needy, sensitive, exhausting, whiny, demanding, OH, and did I mention they’re needy and demanding? AND they need more exercise than a professional marathon runner. I will eventually get into all of this, in another post, but for now, I’ll spare you and cut to the chase. I had my eyes on Vizsla’s since I was 12. I still can tell you exactly when/where I was when I first set my eyes on one. And like I said, long story short, from that day forward, they were my dream.

Sutton changed my world. He was my first true responsibility, and I will forever be thankful to him for that. The days I didn’t want to get out of bed, or get off of the couch, or go outside in the rain, he led me, and I followed. He truly taught me the meaning of unconditional love. The good, the bad, and the ugly of it.

I can truly tell you, I can count on two hands the amount of days I’ve not taken him for a long off leash run, it’s been that consistent. I sometimes wish I could find some internal tracker that tells me how many miles he’s covered in his 4 years, because it would be scary, very scary. We have spent time in at least 15 states, and have explored a lot of the Appalachian & Rocky mountains together and continue to do so as much as we can.

Since Sutton and I joined forces, a lot in our world has changed. We married a veterinarian (yes, I let Brenton know he was marrying my dog as well!), we moved to a South Carolina horse farm (horses are a HUGE part of our life so be prepared for lots of them!), we welcomed Deuce (he’s a border collie/heeler cross), bought a house, and we’re soon to add another pup to our big life!

SO, to get to my reasoning as to why I decided to get into this whole blogging thing- our friends @lifewithmutts & Sutton, Deuce, and I are currently attempting to complete the South Beyond 6K, which is a 40 peak challenge (over 6,000 ft) in the southern Appalachian mountains (I will be doing a catch up post to keep everyone up to date on where we are with that). I will be reviewing each hike and summit, in hopes that we can influence others to get outside with their dogs (and have great ideas of where to go!) I will also be sharing a LOT of photos (mostly of the pups!), stories from camping and hiking, gear reviews, trail reviews & suggestions, and the occasional guest post from a veterinarians point of view!

I am so excited to start this new chapter with both my photography, and sharing this beautiful life that I live in with all of you.

What would you like to see and or hear about from us?


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